We started our journey in the year 1986 with the initial footsteps being in the RMG Industry. Being heavily focused on the RMG industry in the initial stages, the group has spread its operation into various industries such as RMG, construction, telecom, agro, IT, etc and established itself as a truly diversified business group. Down the years, Ahsan Group has earned the trust of clients from across the globe operating with state of the art technologies, dedication, focus and ethical business practices. Apart from its corporate success the group the group regularly invests in many well designed CSR campaigns for various welfare campaigns.

Year of Establishment: 2005.


ProductsUnits (Daily)Units (Monthly)
Sewing70,000 pcs per days,
18,00000 pcs per month.
Number of Sewing machine: 850 set.
Dyeing 40,000 Kgs per day,
1120,000 kgs per month.
Knitting30,000 Kgs per day840,000 kgs per month.
Total Manpower: 4000.